Sunday, 20 September 2015

Day one of the Daisy Hedge.

Day One of the Daisy Hedge.

This is the daisy hedge.

It has been a project of mine for a few years now but it is only now that I am starting to take it seriously. Well as serious as you can make a daisy hedge! The kidlets have made gardening a little impossible over the past couple of years but now that they are walking talking little people who can follow instructions and don't require constant eyeballing; it means I can do some things around the house I enjoy without fear someone will ingest something poisonous while I am 10 metres away in the garden. They like to help now as well. As you can see the kids toy mower has been in use. I just hope they are as eager to push the real mower around in ten years time as much as they want to push around the plastic one!

This is my other project - the vegie boxes. We have a little useless area around the side of the house where these boxes used to live. It was too dark for them and the rodents that seemed to live in the neighbours palm trees were harvesting more than we were! I have moved them to the back yard in the hope that they may be more successful. Hopefully the giant mango tree will not put too much shade on them. I have had to reline the boxes so I have only one going at the moment with some poorly performing dwarf beans and some very vigorous daikon radish.

Underneath the planter boxes I have some pots and old kids pools. I have a small backyard and it seemed like a waste to not use the space beneath. All the water and fertiliser drains out and into the pots below and it is like to get a double use of the water and fertiliser. I plan to grow most things from seed but until I get things started I am just going to buy some seedlings.

The front footpath.

The front petunia pots.

The front yard has been coming along nicely. The petunias are going made in the pots so I have tried to plant some on the footpath. I was hoping to soften the front wall a little. The pink petunias in the pots are grown from seed, the footpath ones are seedlings. I am going to try to collect the seeds and grow from scratch.

Finally here is the photo that I am most proud of. I think it is a little native bee, but I could be wrong. Regardless my flowers are starting to encourage in the little insects. Hopefully that will mean some good vegies!

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